T. M. Carper

author of the J. Carter & Associates series



T. M. Carper is the author of several novels of suspense featuring Katherine Carter-Robertson. She has worked as a library page, waitress, childcare assistant, riding instructor, bank teller, and many more odd jobs. She lives in a beach town surrounded by water in Maryland with two yappy Yorkshire Terriers and several visiting squirrels who have taken up residence outside her office.

New Releases

J. Carter & Associates 

The third novel in the J. Carter & Associates series has Aidan Murphy on verge of happiness when he has to face his past in order to save the woman he loves.

Now available as an ebook (all major e-tailers) and coming soon in print (on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or CreateSpace)

Kindle Worlds Exclusive! 


The Complete Trilogy of Duality, set in the world of The Vampire Diaries

(contains Broken Mirror, Shattered Trust, and Final Sacrifice)

Jo Gilbert goes to Mystic Falls in search of her missing father only to find more than she bargained for, including a life she never asked for. How is a vampire hunter supposed to deal with becoming the very creature she hunts?

Coming Soon!

J. Carter & Associates
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Untitled J. Carter & Associates Novel #4 (fall 2015)